Professional Photography Pays!

Anyone involved in the hotel business knows that appearances count a lot for a first great impression. The colored photographs of the dining area and swimming pool in the back can help attract guests. However, smooth words and promises do not make such a great impression as a photograph of the open lawn behind the hotel premises does. There is no doubt in the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Whether it is clicking the dining hall or doing night photoshoots, a professional photographer brings something unique to the table. We believe that publishing some great shots of the hotel and its beautiful surroundings would do your business much good.

Posting original photographs will always give the guests an excuse to stay back at your hotel for another day. We know the importance of keeping every picture you have of the hotel, but an essential component of a successful business is upgrading. Similar is the case with photos. It would provide visitors with an idea of how the hotel looks both in the day and at sunset.

Give Wings to Your Business with the Right Photography Professional

Our professional photographers have a vast experience in capturing some of the best moments. They know what it takes to bring your business one-step above the competition. We do not believe in making promises, which are harder to fulfill later.

So, trust us when we say that clicking a picture of the beautiful view of the snow-laden hills behind the hotel is equally important as taking a group photo of the staff. The interior and exterior photographs of the place play an important role in attracting potential customers. Remember, the majority of guests make the final decision by seeing the pictures of the surroundings. These are not just photographs, but the actual picture of what your hotel offers to the guests.

First Impressions Matters – A Lot!

In the line of customer service, first impressions always mean a lot. If a guest was to walk into your hotel at this very moment and did not find it as informed on the phone, there is no doubt that they are walking out. Besides the service by the staff, presentation plays a vital role in making your presence felt.

Professional photography demands a person with the knowledge of helping your business be a magnet for tourists. At AirBnB, we endeavor to create the best profile of your accommodation with our photography skills. We believe that our hardwork and determination to help a client become their best has led us to where we are today.



  • Photoshoot on location
  • Model
  • Make-up
  • 30 pictures
  • Delivery within 1,5 weeks
  • Hi-res images via Dropbox



  • Interior photo’s
  • 10 pictures
  • Delivery within 1,5 weeks
  • Hi-res images via Dropbox



  • Photography of the area
  • 10 pictures
  • Delivery within 1,5 weeks
  • Hi-res images via Dropbox

The Pricing

They say that all good things come at a price, and so does a professional photographer who would change the entire profile of your hotel. We recommend you connect with AirBnB professionals to feel the difference between others and us.

You can expect from us top-quality images with a minimum size of 1024×683 pixels. We aim to give your hotel a distinct identity. You need not worry about extra charges. Our packages cover it all. With the best lighting and exterior done by our experts, rest assured that the results would be worth drooling over. We know how to make your hotel stand out from the others and bring it to the top.

A Word of Advice

We do not want any hassles to happen. With this in mind, the total cost of the photoshoots would depend on the type, location and number of pictures clicked of the property. You need not worry because we have a way of working around with the budget you have in mind.

How Do I Book?

To get access to our professionals, you can use the online form whenever you want. We would be more than happy to become a part of your brand’s journey towards success.